Summer 2015

Dear Friends –

The 55th Session of the Oklahoma Legislature has come to an end for 2015. Thank you for your willingness to engage with wonderful feedback and opinions. You allow me to represent the best district in the state. When I think of Tulsa I visualize the landscape you look at every day and pause to remember your challenges from grandparents raising grandchildren and neighborhood issues to schools, church work and more. You are the heartbeat of my district and you keep it vital and strong with your work. While session is over I now begin to visit with folks in the district, attend community meetings and work on special projects. We can stay in touch using our toll-free # at
1-800-522-8502, my House email at or

Despite rumors of an “early finish” and disastrous budgets for our agencies the major disaster was not man-made but a natural one where record rainfall bringing much needed relief from the draught came in such torrents as to create flooding conditions too. The month of May was largely spent watching weather reports and then a final push in the last week of session to put the budget in perspective. Overall, leadership used the shortfall to again garnish revolving funds from agencies (those funds saved for the unexpected challenges) and minimized the cuts as best possible. The ones suffering most will be those who subsidize their income, healthcare or living conditions upon state agencies for their daily existence. These are not individuals who necessarily speak up or out. They are surviving with chronic diseases, live in poverty with low-paying jobs, or may have been victims of a down-sizing industry, disabilities or just not enough money to last through the month.

Please use the House website at the address below to review the session legislation passed and more thorough budget detail.

Personally, I was most pleased when we passed the legislation to ban texting with a handheld device while operating a motor vehicle (a project began by the late Rep. Sue Tibbs in 2005) and further screening of those employees assisting with our most fragile population of elderly and disabled. Just as importantly I was able to be the voice of House District 78 on issues important to our midtown Tulsa community both in committee work and on the House floor.

The interim months through December will be spent on issues such as criminal justice (I serve on the CJAMM board – Criminal Justice and Mercy Ministries), diabetes education (co-chair of the Diabetes Caucus formed this year), healthcare, public education (I plan to volunteer with Reading Partners) and more.

Respectfully yours,

Jeannie McDaniel


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