Winter/Spring 2015

Dear Friends,

The 55thSession of the Oklahoma Legislature convened on Monday, February 2. Governor Mary Fallin delivered the annual State of the State Address in front of a joint session of the Oklahoma Legislature and then the House and the Senate got to work. This year, we have 22 new members in the House of 101 representatives, who will be learning the ropes and finding their way through the busy hallways of the Capitol. Speaker Jeffery Hickman, R-Fairview, has a firm grasp of the process and as a classmate who came into the Legislature with me in 2005 – he will guide us through our 16 week session with skill and lots of diplomacy. With 72 Republicans and 29 Democrats one can only imagine the partnerships that will be forged as we work to steer bills through the legislative pathways. We often find ourselves with different allies from one day to the next as we wrestle with water issues, urban/rural challenges, public education, healthcare and public safety.

It is an honor to serve House District 78 at the Capitol and strive to maintain the quality of life we value here in our midtown Tulsa district. This year I serve on the Appropriations, Common Education, Long-Term Care and Seniors and the Public Health committees. We have over 2,000 bills and 35 joint resolutions that have been filed at the Legislature, leaving much work to be accomplished before we Sine die in late May.

Each week during session I email a “weekly wrap” that details the bills that have passed through committees and the House floor to allow you to keep up to date on issues that are important to you. If you would like to be added to our mailing list – please email me at the address below. Additionally, I recommend you to use our website at follow us “live” or read through and check the status of bills.

I value your insight and thoughts. We have much work ahead. We will be addressing everything from banning texting while driving to advanced directives, insurance, tax incentives and funding for our agencies. Please keep in touch. You can reach my office through my email at or contact my assistant Kandi Hoehner through our toll free number at (800) 522-8502.


Jeannie McDaniel


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